Why Unico?

UNICO Tiles is an Indian Manufacturer & Merchant exporter specializing in export of high quality tiles from India to the world. We have Wide presence in a number of countries where our brand is established and respected.

Having been in this industry since 1999, the promoters are a bunch of experienced lot that makes wise and informed decisions making each deal fruitful for the buyers. Wholesalers and importers of tiles from across the world choose to work with us because of great benefits that we offer.

The major reasons why we have a good client base and are expanding consistently are:

  • In house Design studio: It empowers us to study global markets and develop products that meet that particular market. We understand that the choice of an Italian interior designer is different from that of a Brazilian. We have the capability to design and deliver different products for each markets.
  • Our capability to purchase bigger lots from better manufacturers helps us get best deals resulting in attractive prices for our buyers.
  • With a big infrastructure to store, load and unload containers, we back ourselves to dispatch material as promised, on time every time.
  • Our documentation expertise according to each country‚Äôs rules and import procedures, gives an edge to our customers to enjoy hassle free buying and import.
  • We have a team of experts for quality checking and assurance that works in tandem with manufacturers to grade and deliver only the best quality products. With our 12+ years of exporting to more than 40+ countries, we have set up a fool proof system of quality assurance.
  • Efficiency in Logistic information and decision making helps us get the best transportation deals and timely delivery for our buyers.
  • We understand that packaging is a 3 sec advertisement for our consumers. Our expertise and experience will make sure your packaging is attractive and eye-catching, and will speak for building your brand while you are not around.